Retail therapy

I woke up this morning feeling decidedly ugly and not quite myself. Nothing in my wardrobe could lift my spirit so I went for comfort and put on a black H&M dress and my new bow jumper from Topshop.

There is only one thing that can turn an ugly-day around: shopping. A few hours, coffee with my friend Leticia and quality time spend looking around shops in Holloway (yes, Holloway) later and I returned home happily clutching
a) a new pair of great platform sandals from Faith
b) chocolates and sparkling wine from M&S

I readily admit, I feel quite the little woman for indulging in such stereotypical femininity as shopping and chocolates but hey, sometimes it is fun to ravel in clichés.



2 responses to “Retail therapy

  1. Lena, from what I’ve seen you never have an ugly day! Glad the shopping cheered you up though x

  2. Hi Rach, I wish I wish, I just take 1 million pictures until I get a half decent one! Oh the shopping did the trick, can’t wait to wear those shoes!

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