13 is my lucky number

It’s my birthday today, and yes, actually I rather enjoy getting older. I gain in confidence and style and I feel more and more content with myself. Looking at the mirror this morning, I am honestly liking the girl looking back at me.

I spent yesterday celebrating with my friends (I am not superstitious in that respect), and we spent the whole day together from lunch to hanging out in Camden, having dinner and going to a cheesy 80s club near St. Pauls.

My friends, fantastic as they are, obviously know of my love for fashion so I got many very stylish presents from a bracelet to a scarf, make-up, necklace, vouchers, to a style book and wallet.

Today I am indulging in my lazyness, spending the day on the sofa reading and watching films.

Camden and St. Pauls


T-shirt: Uniqlo, Top: Topshop

2 responses to “13 is my lucky number

  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you!

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