Here comes the bride

If I should ever get married, then obviously in a stunning and ideally vintage dress. No white meringue will ever come near me! As I have always imagined my wedding to be a big party with all my friends, so no church ceremony or sit down meal, I’d also like to wear a rather informal dress to go with a wild day of celebrations and fun. So I’ve been keeping an eye on The Vintage Wedding Dress Company and the treasures they have been unearthing.

2 responses to “Here comes the bride

  1. I got married last summer and I wanted to get married in vintage too, a vintage white lace mini dress to be exact. But it was soooo short I chickened out. Mainly caused thinking about what my nan’s face would be like and also by realising that a couple of drinks might cause me to inadvertently flash at my guests, cause I do tend to get a bit tipsy.

  2. Oh good point! I wouldn’t have thought of that! I wouldn’t really want my guests to remember my wedding cause I flashed everyone…

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