Flickr muse of the month: April

Just how much do I like this girl! Sandra, or Mademoiselle Molly Fryxell as she is known on Flickr, has perfected the art of doll like dressing. I love her little dresses, her perfect blond bob and share her love for high heeled shoe boots. It’s the little touches here and there, a necklace, a hair pin or scarf that artfully pull her outfits together and add a hint of cheekiness.

 1920s.jpg hannah1.jpg


4 responses to “Flickr muse of the month: April

  1. i love her too! you should check out her blog:

  2. stylehighclub

    Hi Jossan,

    Her blog looks really cool, makes we wish I could read Swedish!

  3. oh thank you!
    just so you know, i have an english blog aswell.

  4. stylehighclub

    Thanks Sandra, I’ve added you blog to my blogroll! 🙂

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