It is rather embarassing…

…but I am actually quite excited about the start of Gossip Girl on ITV2 tonight. There aren’t many series that I watch or have watched but I this time I am intrigued, and it’s all down to the wardrobe of gossip girl Blair. Bows! Headbands! Sweet little dresses! Tartan! Ever since I have seen outtakes of the show, I have been fantasizing about red tights and ribbons. So even if it turns out to be the most rubbish thing on TV, I will be watching with the sound turned off.



When browsing on the web I found this picture of a girl wearing red tights with a black dress. I love it, off to Topshop after work then, MUST buy red tights!


3 responses to “It is rather embarassing…

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  2. In that pic, you’re not so much Blair as a darker haired little J. Very cute!

  3. I love the girl in red tights as well. I think it’s a very nice combination and I will be rocking a black dress with red tights next time I go out to dinner.

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