Is this England?

I watched ‘This is England’ yesterday and couldn’t help but like the Fred Perry/Doc Martens look of the skinhead girls. It somehow reminded me of my own style as a fifteen year old that was all deep red Doc Martens, jeans and big stripy jumpers. Oh yes, the epitome of glamour…


A quick look at the Fred Perry website confirmed that it is well worth popping round there, I especially love their mod dress and Emma Cook limited edition range.



12 responses to “Is this England?

  1. how does the laurel crown symbol connect with skinhead culture? i’ve seen it a few times.
    i also loved the way the girls looked in the movie- i really want to cut my hair like that. any suggestions?

  2. oh, i see that the laurel crown is the Fred Perry logo. so what is the connection between skinhead fashion and Perry? I don’t see the girls wearing mod dresses.

  3. I think the connection is mainly with Fred Perry’s polo T-shirts. They were a bit of a uniform for the skinhead movement.
    The haircut is great, it takes guts I think but go for it! Just take a movie still and take it to your hairdresser!

  4. Unless youre a skinhead, dont do it. Youll likely run into skinhead girls that will either rip your hair out or set it on fire.

  5. Fred Perry was a tennis player who won Wimbledon, hence the laurel wreath. The blonde bird in the film had the barnet closest to a feather cut.

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  7. If you are not one of us i recomend not to cut it..your likely to get beat to death by a real skin byrd

  8. Go for it, “real” skin byrds are usually grossly overweight monstrosities so you could probably outrun them on the 1st hint of aggro. It may be nice to see a girl with a face that doesn’t look like a bull dog chewing on a wasp pulling off the look.

    • skinhead girl

      that bullshit i am a skinbyrd and i am not over whieght and all my byrds friends are not to so watch that mouth

  9. skinhead girl

    hey i an a skinhead and i have a fringe that what u call that stlye and if u get it there would be promblem with diffrents skinhead i am the white power one and i would have a promblem if u got

  10. well i shouldn’t educate you all on this because you all sound like a bunch of retards who should have nothing to do with the skin look.
    for one, fred perry is significant because he represents the working class which is what skins originated from. Perry was a tennis play who unlike most tennis players grew up in a middle class family who was not super wealthy, yet he smoked everyone in the game. that’s what the victory leaf stands for.
    two, if i ever saw you walking down the road with a chelsea aka a feather cut and i could tell you weren’t a true skinbyrd…. i’d probably whoop your ass. i don’t care how “fat” you might be.
    and last but not least, dear skinhead girl (you call yourself) go back to school and learn some grammer and spelling. if you’re like most other racist skins you probably dropped out of school and suck at everything you do. you ruined the skinhead name and you dress like white trash.

  11. Dear Rude Girl,

    thank you.


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